Part Time Program

The part-time model is designed to be a supplement for families who homeschool. The part-time program brings part-time and full-time students together with their classmates and teachers in Homeroom each morning, Monday through Thursday. Fridays are intended for independent work only.

K-3 students are in live classes for approximately 40 minutes each of those days with an additional 75 minutes of independent work.

4-8 students are in live classes for approximately two hours each day with an additional 90 minutes of independent work.

The full time academy models includes English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. ELA consists of phonics/Spalding, reading, literature, spelling, handwriting, grammar, poetry, and writing.

Our part-time program students are welcome to participate in virtual and in-person social events hosted throughout the year.

Special Education (SPED)
SPED services are not available to part-time program participants.